Supporting Soldiers, Airmen and their families, while they support our Nation!

$ Requested...............................$119,947

“Wow thank you so much!! That helps tremendously! It will go beyond helping me back to my feet. I’m honestly at a loss of words. You guys will never know what that means to me."

$ Approved:                          $71,755

FY 2021 Grant Update

Hardship Grant Applications Approved :   25

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"Oh my goodness thank you so much for this. This is relieving so much stress from me. God bless you all! "

Indiana National Guard Relief Fund

During times of unexpected and immediate hardship, the INGRF can provide emergency gift cards to carry service members and their families through immediate crisis, until a Grant application can be submitted, processed and reviewed by the Grant Committee.

​​"I just wanted to thank you for your help through the grant process.  Our HVAC repair went well, the company ended up being great, and it's been nice having the house be a nice temperature.  Thank you again for assisting our family with this, we truly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!"

Hardship Grant Applications Received:     51

To provide emergency assistance and relief to members of the Indiana National Guard and their families who are undergoing periods of personal or financial distress due to a period of mobilization or other military duty.

Force Readiness through Individual Preparedness.  Duty-related stressors, particularly when in dangerous situations, can put the Soldier, Airman and his/her unit in harm’s way.  Stress can lead to  anxiety, depression and even suicide.  INGRF exists to help the Guard and his/her family to relieve those stressors and improve force readiness.

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