The INGRF supports Indiana's National Guard members by supporting community events that directly impact Indiana service members, their families, and Gold Star families who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to our state and Nation.

  1. ​Survivor Outreach Services
    • ​ Supports the annual weekend "Survivor Transition and Resiliency Retreat" (STARR), as well as other quarterly events provided to surviving family members of Indiana's Fallen Heroes who served in all branches of the military
    • Supports annual Gold Star Mother's Day brunch in recognition of their son or daughter paying the ultimate sacrifice.
    • Emergency Family Travel Assistance
      ​Supports family members of INNG members who have been wounded or killed in action.  Provides financial assistance for family members who need to travel out-of-town to visit their wounded warrior or attend a funeral.

  2. Emergency Gift Cards
    • ​​Provides gift cards in increments of $50, during times of unexpected, immediate and emergency hardship, for the purchase of food, gas to work, and emergency supplies.
  3. Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention Program
    • Supports yearly awareness programs every April

  • In the early 2000’s, the pace of deployments resulting from the Global War on Terror brought unique stresses on members of the Guard.  The fund was created in a partnership with the Lilly Endowment to address the financial stresses that long deployments can bring.  With more than 1000 soldiers deploying in 2019, this need continues. 
  • ​Relief payments made directly to service providers on behalf of service member and their family.
  • Deployment Grants awarded up to $10,000
  • Regular Guard duty required Soldiers and Airmen to be away from their work 2-full weeks a year, plus one weekend a month, plus additional commitments as they arise.  This duty can disrupt work schedules and careers and have a negative impact on compensation.  Additionally, unemployment or underemployment continue to be issues with young soldiers as they aim to train and grow in their civilian careers while serving in the Guard.
  • Hardship grants help relieve unavoidable, duty-related financial hardships
  • ​Relief payments made directly to service providers on behalf of service member and their family
  • Hardship Grants awarded up to $5,000

Indiana National Guard Relief Fund

Supporting Soldiers, Airmen and their families, while they support our Nation!